Mr. Michael Daniel

Founder / CEO Founded in 1993, Space Group is managed and owned by Mr. Michael Daniel. With more than two decade of experience in real estate investment & development, Michael Daniel has earned a stellar reputation for productivity and profit. In 1993 Michael Daniel founded Space Group as his New York Based Real Estate Investment and property management firm. Over the years thru lucrative purchases and asture operations he purchased, managed and sold over 2,000 units in 50 buildings in the United States. Currently Space Group owns and manages about 800 units in the United States plus various development projects. Michael attributes his successful track record to an honest entrepreneurial spirit fueled by tireless hands on work. The company’s management structure is based on a small and skilled management team, extensive employment of leading professional outsource suppliers, and collaboration with leading companies, all aimed at maximizing the ‘Value Chain’ for company investors and clients. Considering the “local character” of the real estate sector, Space Group employs a core of experts and partners, and develops joint ventures to ensure in-depth expertise and presence in all targeted markets.