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Excellence No Less

Space Group founded 1993, controlled by Mr. Michael Daniel.

A private company, headed by an experienced management team.

An established real estate entrepreneur and developer, Initiates develops and
enhances buildings and land properties.

Space Group does all of its own Management.

Expertise in:

Residential Income

Vacation rentals

Condo conversions


Land Development


Operating in the New York & Florida

Proven past record and successful exits

Image by Mark Harpur
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Excellence No Less

Beginning of activities in 1993 in Harlem, while specializing in acquiring Rent Control Apartments.

The company has purchased, upgraded, managed and sold until today many residential buildings

Today the company owns and manages in Manhattan and Florida close to 1,000 units.

1997 Entering the New Jersey market

2001 Henry Street. First Commercial/Residential conversion lower east side

2003 Forward building 2nd Condo conversion lower east side

2004 Croydon arms Hotel, First Miami Beach acquisition

2006 Louisiana land Acquisition

2009 Entering Florida on a larger scale

2013 Orlando bulk condos acquisition

2015 Fort Lauderdale area motels/hotels initial acquisition

2020-2021 Fort Lauderdale / Hollywood hospitality expansion

2023 Continuing operations

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